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About Me

Shantele in Venice.jpeg

My love of weddings started from a young age when I was 16 I started making bridesmaid dresses and designing wedding layouts for family and friends.


I married at 18 and I had 3 fantastic children in the years following. I have two daughters and a son, which I had at the age of 19, 24 and 26 respectively.


As my children grew up it was a family affair to picnic weekly at the botanical gardens in Sydney, to see the wedding couple & wedding ceremony. I would frequent wedding fairs even when there was no family or friends weddings in sight just because I love the wedding environment & industry.


I spent many years in my work life in the Training industry, presenting and coaching.

I decided to continue my love of supporting people through positive change combined with my love of weddings and the institution of marriage, So I became a marriage celebrant.

Also at the same time moving to the beautiful location of the Shoalhaven and Jervis Bay.


Along with being a registered Marriage Celebrant, I also hold these various qualifications; Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Certificate IV in Business Development, Certificate IV in Business Frontline Management, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and I am a Practitioner of (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


As a marriage celebrant I am networked, with local businesses and other support services to provide to my clients current and relevant information for their up coming marriage.


I am lucky to be a Grandmother of 4 adorable Grandchildren, who are an absolute joy.


I am a published author and an artist; I have held 2 art exhibitions. I continue to enter varying art competitions to support the community and I have donated my artwork to many charity and fundraising projects.


I got married again in 2015 to a wonderful man, under the full bloom of the Jacaranda trees beside the Shoalhaven River in Nowra, a beautiful day with family and friends.

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